Financing to fit the needs of your business

Our goal is to help as many companies as we can gain access to the necessary capital to grow and thrive. Finding the right commercial credit for small and medium sized businesses in Canada often requires market knowledge and expertise.

We realize that one of the biggest challenges facing small and medium sized businesses in Canada is knowing where to look for the right financial partner and how to prepare for potential funding opportunities. 

Funding Canada typically helps companies requiring $500,000 or more in funding. However, we have established relationships with companies that focus on providing financing to new and smaller businesses… see below.

a wide variety of financing options


Business Lines of Credit

Revolving credit facilities based on the the lender’s assessment of how much credit should be made available to the borrower. These kind of credit facilities can be adjusted periodically depending on certain business performance and asset factors.


Asset based loans

Term or interest only lending provided to businesses seeking cash to run their business, complete a project or otherwise support their operation. These ABL advances are secured by assets of the business or related parties as collateral for the loan.


A/R Financing & Factoring

Businesses carrying Accounts Receivable from quality clients can qualify to have their A/R financing based on monthly margin. Accounts Receivable Factoring can also be considered – where the lender takes effective ownership of the A/R and advances against it to the borrower.


Term Lending

Businesses can qualify for term loans based on a number of criteria – creditworthiness, collateral as security, cash flows, and other factors. These types of loans allow for the borrower to have a predictable periodic payment as the loan is paid off over time.


Supply chain financing

For purchasers seeking to ensure that their orders can be fulfilled, Supply Chain Financing can be a good option. This method is initiated by the purchaser to help their supplier carry the cost of production and order fulfillment. 


customized structures

Many companies require a customized financing tools to operate effectively. Whether that is a combination of lending products, equity or a hybrid model, Funding Canada can help put together a funding structure that suits the needs of the business.

Small and New business Funding

We understand the challenges new entrepreneurs and small businesses face in getting access to funding. If you have a small business that is in need of growth capital, please contact us and we will be happy to see if we can help refer you to the right potential partner in our network to help your business grow and thrive!

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