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Our goal is to help as many companies as we can gain access to the necessary capital to grow and thrive. Finding the right commercial credit for small and medium sized businesses in Canada often requires market knowledge and expertise.

We realize that one of the biggest challenges facing small and medium sized businesses in Canada is knowing where to look for the right financial partner and how to prepare for potential funding opportunities. 

how funding canada works

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As both a source of capital through our related investment group and also connected to a network of funders across the country, Funding Canada can explore a variety of funding options to meet you business capital needs. 

To help minimize costs, we work with our partners to streamline the funding process so that more of the money secured to fund your business actually stays in your business and not toward unnecessary fees that add to your cost of funds.

We can fund an opportunity directly, get involved as an advisor in finding the right funding source or simply provide a friendly referral to a trusted network partner.

some of the deals we have done

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Our group has directly funded numerous deals between $500,000 and $7,000,000 over the past 10 years. We have also act as advisor and/or agent on financing mandates. If you are seeking $500,000 or more for your business, please feel free to contact us to see how we can help (click on the link below).

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$6,750,000 credit facility based on under-90 day accounts receivable provided to a funder of Canadian small and medium-sized businesses.

$3,000,000 accounts receivable margin facility provided to a high-growth Financial Technology company with US and Canadian clients.

$4,000,000 combined A/R factoring, inventory and WIP financing provided to a provider of medical infrastructure products and services.

$3,000,000 asset based loan for a multi-stage construction contract based on progress billing and secured by commercial real estate assets.

$1,000,000 accounts receivable factoring facility for a specialty 3rd party logistics, warehousing and supply chain services provider.

$2,750,000 senior revolving credit facility based on a combination of under-90 day accounts receivable and client purchase orders.

$700,000 senior line of credit to a telecom and IT networking services company based on receivables, progress billing and WIP.

$750,000 A/R margin facility to a temperature controlled warehousing and 3rd party logistics service provider to the food and medical industry.

$1,000,000 margined accounts receivable line of credit provided to a commercial HVAC engineering and services company. 

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